Nethercote Christmas Wildlife Survey

Help to protect our wildlife & habitats by recording the wildlife you see if visiting Nethercote during the festive period!

If You Are Local, Please Join Our Christmas Wildlife Survey!

If you are lucky enough to enjoy some quality time with your family over the festive period, or perhaps take some solitary time to yourself then Nethercote offers a tranquil rural setting for a walk, along Banbury Lane or the numerous public footpaths that run throughout!

If you are able, before you head to Nethercote, please take a moment to register with iRecord, download the app and join the “Nethercote Christmas Wildlife Survey”. As you enjoy your walk, you will invariably see some of the wildlife that lives in this rural hamlet & it would be a great help to the conservation of our wildlife if you can take a moment to record what you see on the app. This is also a great way to teach children about the wildlife they see!

This particular survey will run for four week from Friday 17th December 2021 to Thursday 6th January 2022 although the Nethercote Bioblitz is ongoing if you are unable to join during this time

If you regularly visit Nethercote and are interested in Biodiversity and Wildlife, you can read more about our ongoing recording on our website here:

Biodiversity and Wildlife

All information captured and verified will be added to the National Biodiversity Network official records.

How You Can Join In, To Help Our Wildlife:

  1. Go to to register your details
    1. Licence options CC0 or CC BY licence option, that will provide the best chance for your photos to be used in research and conservation. CC BY means that you will be credited for any use of your photos
    1. remember to agree to the terms before creating your account
    1. You will need to click on the validation link sent to your email
  2. Click this link to take you directly to the Survey
  3. Click “join”
  4. You will now be a member of the activity and can enter records, note that all specific Nethercote Surveys will also contribute to the overall Nethercote Bioblitz!
  5. Take a picture then enter a record for any wildlife that you see to help build official records of the wildlife living in our area!
  6. Have fun!

You can also download the iRecord App to your smart device to be able to contribute to the Bioblitz quicker & easier whilst you are out & about

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