How To Support The Campaign

This is the rural hamlet of Nethercote now, if you agree that this area should be conserved and protected from development, please take a moment to sign the petition to #keepnethercoterural #handsoffourhamlet and share details of our campaign with your friends and family

Thank you for your interest in preserving the countryside and conserving the Banbury heritage that lies within Nethercote, Nethercote is a small but significant area of Banbury and really needs help to conserve the area for the future! This is how you can support the campaign:

  • Please sign our petition & be sure to look out for the verification email from IF YOU DON’T CLICK THE LINK TO VERIFY YOUR EMAIL THEN YOUR SIGNATURE WON’T COUNT
  • You can follow our campaign on Social Media
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  • You can show your support for our campaign by sharing details of our campaign, including our petition on Social Media using the hashtags #keepnethercoterural and #handsoffourhamlet
  • You can publicly endorse our campaign by using the hashtag #istandwithnethercote
  • If you enjoy using the area for recreation and support the proposal for Nethercote to be given Local Green Space designation, please let Cherwell DC know why you support the proposal and what Nethercote means to you
  • You can also let your own local councillor and MP know and ask them to support the designation
  • If you are in the area of Nethercote or passing through, you can join our Bioblitz to help us to record the plant and animal species along with their habitats and also join specific species surveys that will be coming up.
  • If you have any information relating to Nethercote such as historic information, maps, photographs you can send these to
What The Campaign Is Seeking To Preserve