Just What Does The Future Hold For Nethercote

Nethercote from Overthorpe Road

Nethercote is a hamlet on the edge of North Oxfordshire, a rural area bordering with West Northamptonshire. The hamlet sits South East of J11 of M40, predominantly agricultural land used for grazing, a single-track road runs right through the hamlet, known as Banbury Lane, which has around a dozen residential properties along the lane. 

Public Footpaths In Nethercote

As well as Banbury Lane itself, there are numerous public footpaths running through Nethercote, all regularly enjoyed by both residents, dog walkers and hikers alike. It is also in walking distance of nearby residential estates in Banbury, Overthorpe and Middleton Cheney and many people come to enjoy the scenery and quiet. 

The area is a natural habitat for much wildlife, such as Muntjac deer, foxes, badgers, bats, hedgehogs, birds of prey, including owls, rare birds such as woodpeckers, insects and bees along with many species of small mammals.  

Residents and supporters of #keepnethercoterural want Cherwell District Council to commit to retaining the rural nature of this area and within the Local Plan, designating the hamlet as a Local Green Space which would give the area protection from development and conservation for the recreational use and habitat that is present

The speculative proposal from developers

As part of Cherwell District Council’s Local Plan Review 2040, developers have made a speculative proposal that would see the entire hamlet concreted over and turned into an industrial estate.

As Cherwell District Council’s Local Plan Review 2040 moves forward, which proposal do you support? If you support #keepnethercoterural and would like to see some protection against large scale commercial development in this area, please sign the petition today!


  1. Development of this kind is totally unacceptable, especially when there are so many empty factory’s and units that could be developed first. Use the space already within banbury, don’t spoil anymore countryside which we desperately need and deserve to keep, for all our sakes.

  2. I have always believed that the M40 was the boundary for Banbury? When did this change? We do not need even more units!!

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