What Is Happening At Nethercote?

It is now a year since Nethercote residents learned that developers had submitted speculative proposals to turn the rural areas of Huscote Farm and the rural hamlet of Nethercote into industrial estates, as part of the Local Plan Review 2040 for Cherwell District Council. Local residents have been overwhelmed by the support to preserve the… Continue reading What Is Happening At Nethercote?

Webinar on Bioblitzing

If there is green space that you love, whether there’s an imminent threat or not, recording the biodiversity is critical to help preserve it and will also aid research by experts in the various species that make up your local ecosystems! Wildlife conservation relies on data. Knowing where particular species are, where they have been… Continue reading Webinar on Bioblitzing

Nethercote Welcomes Victoria Prentis MP

On a very hot & sunny June afternoon, MP for Nethercote, Victoria Prentis came to visit, although she is already familiar with the area and the challenges that are faced, the visit gave her the chance to see for herself exactly what stands to be lost in Nethercote, should developers get their way. Keep Nethercote… Continue reading Nethercote Welcomes Victoria Prentis MP

Big Wild Camp-Out in Rural Nethercote #30dayswild

30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts’ annual challenge where they ask everyone to do one wild thing a day throughout the month of June! Over 113,000 people have signed up as 30 Days Wilders, including residents of the rural hamlet of Nethercote The Big Wild Weekend, in the middle of the month, is a… Continue reading Big Wild Camp-Out in Rural Nethercote #30dayswild

Hawthorn Hedges

Hawthorn hedge plants (Crataegus monogyna) are a deciduous native hedge with thorny branches and mid-green lobed leaves. In the spring, Hawthorn produces masses of creamy white, fragranced flowers, followed by shiny, red fruit, known as haws in the autumn months. Hawthorn is listed as a Woody Species in Schedule 3 of the Hedgerows Regulations 1997, a… Continue reading Hawthorn Hedges

Nethercote Bioblitz Now Also Available on iNaturalist

View nethercotelisa’s observations ยป Thank you to everyone who has been contributing to the Nethercote Bioblitz on iRecord. Contributions help to create records of all living things in the area, such as trees and plants, wildlife, birds and insects etc and hundreds have now been added for Nethercote area Those passing through can also now… Continue reading Nethercote Bioblitz Now Also Available on iNaturalist

Petition Passes 500 Supporters! Thank you!

Residents and supporters of the small Banbury hamlet of Nethercote are overwhelmed with the support that has been received for this pretty, rural hamlet, home to much wildlife and source of tranquil countryside that is enjoyed by residents, dog walkers and hikers alike . The petition calls for conservation protection against development and commitment to… Continue reading Petition Passes 500 Supporters! Thank you!

Nethercote Christmas Wildlife Survey

Help to protect our wildlife & habitats by recording the wildlife you see if visiting Nethercote during the festive period! If You Are Local, Please Join Our Christmas Wildlife Survey! If you are lucky enough to enjoy some quality time with your family over the festive period, or perhaps take some solitary time to yourself… Continue reading Nethercote Christmas Wildlife Survey

M40 Construction Junction 11

The M40 motorway links London, Oxford and Birmingham, a distance of approximately 89 miles (143 km) The motorway between London and Oxford was constructed in stages between 1967 and 1974 Late in the 1960s, not long after the first stretch opened, the Ministry of Transport announced the possibility of building a motorway to link London… Continue reading M40 Construction Junction 11