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Local Planning

A local plan is a long-term document setting out planning policies and proposals for new development within the district and is used to guide decisions on future development proposals as well as addressing the needs and opportunities in the area

Cherwell District Council

As part of the review process that is happening currently, Cherwell District council has given landowners and developers the opportunity to let them know about areas that might be suitable for future development for both housing and commercial purposes

Cherwell District Council will shortly be reviewing these contributions to decide whether they will be included in the Local Plan which seeks to address the needs of the District up to the year 2040.  The current consultation has closed but there will be further consultations as the review progresses and therefore further opportunities for you to have your say. 

The full submission that relates to using area of Nethercote for commercial development can be found here: https://www.cherwell.gov.uk/info/33/planning-policy/851/local-plan-review—representations-to-the-issues-paper-consultation/4.  A proposal was also made that the area be given Local Green Space designation. The current consultation on these submissions is now closed and it is expected that in June/July 2022, Cherwell District Council will publicise the sites that they support for inclusion in their plan and for what purpose. In the meantime, if you support the designation of Nethercote as a Local Green Space you should let Cherwell District Council know, along with your personal reasons and also ask that your local councillor and MP support your views on this. Planning.Policy@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

Proposed Development Submitted In Call For Sites

West Northamptonshire Council

West Northamptonshire Council are also currently carrying out a review of their Local Plan, which they refer to as their Strategic Plan.  A small part of Nethercote falls within West Northamptonshire as does the Bowling Green site at the other end of the hamlet.  Due to the submissions made to Cherwell District Council relating to Nethercote and also with The Bowling Green being in the process of being sold, it is inevitable that consideration of the area will be reviewed by West Northamptonshire Council and it is important that they too are made aware of your views on use of the area. strategicplan@westnorthants.gov.uk

WNC current consultation closes on 6th December 2021

The area of Huscote not currently being earmarked for development within Cherwell District Council Local Plan and in fact was rejected from inclusion by the Planning Inspectorate in 2015. Despite this, an application for outline planning has been submitted to Cherwell District Council, even though the pre-planning advice report suggests that the planning officers do not support this application

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