Nethercote, Grimsbury and the now long forgotten hamlet of Huscote are intertwined throughout local history.  Census returns from the 1800s show houses at Huscote, but today only Huscote Farm remains

Looking Across Huscote from J11 M40

Nethercote originally fell within Northamptonshire, forming part of the Warkworth Parish, along with the then hamlet of Grimsbury and the former hamlet of Huscote which lay North of Nethercote.  Grimsbury and Nethercote were transferred to the parish of Banbury in 1889

In the late 1800s, the parish of Warkworth was divided into three townships, “vills” or “tithings” each paying their tithes to different parishes. Warkworth Tithing consisted of 960 acres and paid tithes to St. Mary’s church at Warkworth, while Middleton Tithing (consisting mostly of Overthorpe) had 950 acres and paid tithes to Middleton Cheney.  Banbury Tithing, the largest at 990 acres contained Nethercote, Grimsbury and Huscote and paid tithes to Banbury. All three tithings paid highway rates to Warkworth

Map of Huscote 1888-1889

Warkworth is thought to have been a farming community, with Banbury’s largest flocks of sheep in the 17th Century recorded at Grimsbury and Nethercote. None of the ridge and furrow survives in Warkworth today, only on the lower areas, including Nethercote and Huscote. The fields in Nethercote and Huscote today are medieval ridge and furrow landform

Huscote Mill 1906

M40 Construction began at Warwick in October 1987, with work on the section around Banbury starting in February 1988, and finally, the section north of Oxford in July 1989. The section between the M42 and Warwick opened in December 1989, and the remainder in January 1991.  The M40 Banbury stretch essentially separated Nethercote and what was previously the hamlet of Huscote, from the rest of Banbury.

There is a bioblitz available for Huscote, where you can record what you see & help build the records for the area. If you are in the area please click to read more about how you can join the Bioblitz

Huscote also had a speculative proposal submitted in the Local Plan Review 2040 and in February 2022, a screening opinion application was submitted to Local Authority’s regarding this area.

The area of Huscote not currently being earmarked for development within Cherwell District Council Local Plan and in fact was rejected from inclusion by the Planning Inspectorate in 2015. Despite this, an application for outline planning was submitted to Cherwell District Council in May 2022, even though the pre-planning advice report suggests that the planning officers do not support this application. An appeal for this application was subsequently withdrawn by the applicant