Banbury LCWIP Consultation Open Until 19th June 2022

Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council are developing a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for Banbury and they want to know what YOU think and any thoughts you have on their ideas as well as any other ideas that you have

The Keep Nethercote Rural campaign are pleased to see a proposal for a route out of Banbury, to Middleton Cheney.  One of the main objectives of the campaign Keep Nethercote Rural is to preserve the green space for its recreational value, access to green space and the wellbeing benefits this brings to have this rural area accessible for the public.

Nethercote is separated from the rest of Banbury by the M40 and being on the edge of not only Banbury, but Oxfordshire it can easily be overlooked.  It is good therefore to see the Banbury LCWIP including ideas for routes in this area.

The consultation shows a suggested LCWIP plan for Banbury and includes proposals for a network of cycle and walk ways within the town, as well as routes to villages. For each route, there are suggestions for actions that will need to happen to make the routes safe and fully inclusive within the plan.

We would encourage everyone to consider the variety of routes and take the time to respond to the consultation, giving your ideas on the suggestions and proposals already made, as well as taking the opportunity to mark the consultation map with any other ideas you have to improve the cycling and walking network in and around our town.

Following the link to the consultation, you will be presented the opportunity to complete a short survey to give your thoughts and/or to add a pin to the map in areas where you would like to see improvements for walking and cycling. You have the option to comment on the overall route network, the suggested infrastructure improvements as well as providing feedback on a specific route, you do not have to answer all three questions and can skip anything you don’t wish to respond to

Extract from consultation, Village Route 6, Middleton Cheney to Overthorpe Road

Village Route 6 proposes a route from Middleton Cheney to Grimsbury, via Overthorpe Road and considers some suggestions for making the route safer for cyclists and pedestrians.  We would encourage everyone using this route to take the time to respond to the consultation to support Village Route 6

We would also like to see Village Route 6 extended into a circular route encompassing Banbury Lane through Nethercote, already used by many cyclists and walkers alike.  Nethercote would benefit from some of the suggested safety and infrastructure improvements. Nethercote also provides opportunities to provide seating type areas, allowing those using the route an opportunity for rest in a rural and beautiful location

Overthorpe Road, Banbury

If you have any difficulties responding to the consultation, you can email for help at

If you have any questions on the consultation, you can email queries to

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