Thank You For Spreading The Word!

Support for the small Banbury hamlet and the campaign to Keep Nethercote Rural continues to grow thanks to everyone who has signed and helped spread the word! The petition calls for conservation protection against development for this pretty, rural hamlet and has now passed 400 signatures!

We cannot say enough times, a massive thank you to every single person who has already signed the petition, each supporter is hugely valuable to this rural area and the campaign to ensure that some conservation protection is given to protect this lovely area of countryside, the habitats and the wildlife that lives within

Please could we ask you to share again and please remember to let your friends, family and colleagues know about this important campaign and ask that they too add their support to the petition to #keepnethercoterural we cannot stress how important every single signature is, we hope that we can reach the milestone of 500 signatures on the petition by this weekend!  Please help us by continuing to spread the word & share the petition!

From the history, the biodiversity and wildlife habitat at risk of being lost, you can read more about our hamlet and follow the campaign on our social media platforms, all of the links can be found on our website here

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