Nethercote Nominated For Wildbelt

“Every space in Britain must be

used to help wildlife.”

— Sir David Attenboroug

In 2020, The Wildlife Trust launched an ambitious campaign, seeking planning system reforms for England that address the intertwined ecological, climate and health crises – they believe the best way to do so is by ensuring place-making intentionally supports nature’s recovery.

The Wildlife Trust have put forward five principles to underpin planning system changes including a bold new designation to protect new land that’s recovering – they would call this ‘Wildbelt’.

As part of the campaign, The Wildlife Trusts call upon us to help them identify areas of nature that are either unloved and in need of help recovering or are in need of greater protection.

They hope that in the future, the map of the areas across the UK could help form a ‘wildbelt’

Nethercote has been added to the map as an area in need of protection, if you know of an area of nature you care about, you can get involved by adding it to the map!

You can read more about Biodiversity and Wildlife in Nethercote

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